Repair method of broken hammer piston rod


  HammerThe inside is a confined space. Except for air and hydraulic oil, if debris or other hard objects enter, it may damage the piston rod of machinery and equipment. If it is severely damaged, it may damage the entire machinery and equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that users, Timely maintenance is very important to the service life of the machine and equipment. When replacing the breaker seals for 3 months or 600 hours, check the piston rod and the internal condition of the cylinder. Of course, if it is slightly damaged, you can use the following measures repair.

1. Clean up the location to be welded first, and then surround the pull marks of the breaker with wet soil;

2. Use a welding rod with a diameter of 2.5 mm, adjust the welding machine current to 120A, and use the straight line method to perform welding smoothly;

3. After all the welding is completed, clean the soil and slag, use a rough file to repair the file along the outside of the piston rod circle and leave a processing allowance of 0.1-0.2mm;

4. A cylinder with an outer diameter of 185 mm, an inner diameter of 125 mm, and a length of 150 mm is used as a master mold (the piston rod outer diameter is 125 mm), cut along the central axis, one is a rough mold, and the other is a fine mold;

5. Coat the inner cavity of the rough mold with a thin layer of red stamp oil, and then press the rough mold against the position of the piston rod of the breaker to be repaired several times along the central axis. File off the heavy red seal. Repair the file many times in this way, and leave a machining allowance of 0.04-0.07mm;

6. Use 320 mesh sand bars dipped in kerosene to match the precision mold to grind the piston rod of the breaker to the required specifications;

7. Use emery cloth back with kerosene for manual polishing. After testing, the large deviation is only 0.03mm.

After the breaker was repaired, after one and a half years of use, the luffing hydraulic cylinder has never leaked, and at the same time the piston rod is smooth and free of rust spots.


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