The characteristics of the hammer shell


The breaker adopts high-frequency impact and is mainly used to break large hard and brittle objects, such as building concrete, large stones, and concrete roads. In daily life, breaking hammers are very common, especially on construction roads, there are always signs of breaking hammers. The following is a description of the characteristics of the hammer shell.

1. The special drilling jig and specially designed thousand-ton press ensure the geometric size and shape of the workpiece. CNC cutting equipment, to ensure the consistency of cutting quality and product, a complete set of mechanical processing equipment, to avoid outsourcing processing quality out of control;

2. The shell structure, upper and lower cylinders, pistons, inner and outer tubes, short and short bolts and other accessories of the breaker and breaker;

3. The sandblasting machine ensures the surface quality of the workpiece and can eliminate welding stress;

4. The breaker shell is made of suitable steel plates and welding materials, which is durable.

Impact energy-enhanced structure design, hydraulic breaker adopts optimized design concept, increases piston and cylinder stroke, adopts the same large diameter of piston and drill rod, so that the breaker can match the main engine better, and the output energy is reasonably used to save energy. , Can make work more efficient. Use high-quality materials and special precision craftsmanship. In particular, use the large-scale inner diameter grinder for the breaker to process the cylinder and the inside of the valve as a finished product at one time to ensure the centering and improve the accuracy, plus the special super processing and inner diameter grinding operations to improve the surface roughness and product completion.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the hammer shell. Pay more attention to the use of breaker. Operators should receive pre-job training, and can operate the breaker normally after passing the qualification. This is the prerequisite for breaker protection. Yantai Lauka Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of hydraulic breakers, breaker accessories, quick connectors, rippers, vibratory rammers, pile drivers and their hydraulic attachments.


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