The advantages of vibratory rammer and precautions when using it


Vibration rammer is an equipment for excavators. Its main function is to compact the ground. It can be used whether it is a plane, groove, slope, corner, step, pit, or abutment back. It is mainly used to compact the friction between particles or Materials with low cohesive force, such as river sand, gravel or asphalt, etc. Do you know the advantages of vibratory rammers? What problems should be paid attention to during use? Let the editor ask you to introduce these issues.

1. Advantages:

1. Adopt a strong shock absorption structure to reduce the impact on the hydraulic motor and improve the comfort of the operator. Most of the self-excited vibration of the equipment is produced during the movement of the equipment. It is produced by the interaction of oil pressure, force, flow, mass and other parameters in the transmission, and is not caused by the source of forced vibration. of.

2. Full-pressure drive realizes low-noise operation and does not affect the surrounding environment during construction. The vibratory rammer has a variety of power sources. According to the site conditions, it can be used in conjunction with various types of excavators to meet the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations and realize the economy and versatility of the product. The construction personnel do not need to touch the construction and meet the safe construction requirements of complex terrain.

2. Matters needing attention:

1. Make sure that all pipelines are installed correctly and all oil return lines are fully opened;

2. Turn on the compactor. Place the tamping device on the object to be rammed, and use a small pressure in the first 10-20 seconds, and then choose different pressures according to the rammed object;

3. If the compacted object starts to crack or breaks, it is necessary to stop the impact of the compactor immediately to avoid harmful "empty strikes";

4. If the equipment is to be out of use for a long time, the vibrating ram should be kept properly, the oil inlet and outlet ports should be sealed, and the cut iron should be stored under high temperature and below -20 degrees;

5. When the equipment is working, the ram plate must be pressed on the rock first, and the breaker must be turned on after maintaining a certain pressure, and the equipment must not be started in the suspended state;

6. The equipment and fiber rods should be perpendicular to the working surface when in use, with the principle that no radial force is generated;

7. Don't put the overloaded objects in the vibration frame overnight after finishing daily work. Twist the compaction plate to the side or bottom of the machine when storing.

The above are the advantages of vibratory rammers and some points that should be paid attention to when using them. If you have other questions, you can call our company for inquiries.


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