Breaker parts that are easily damaged


The breaker has been one of the important tools for building construction since it was put into the construction industry. It is not difficult to use. Just follow the instructions and be careful of its accessories when using it, because the accessories are easier to damage. Let's take a look at the breaker accessories that are more easily damaged during use.

1. Steel shaft pin. The steel shaft pin is a broken hammer accessory that is more prone to severe deformation, and it is difficult to replace once deformed. Therefore, in every 100 to 150 hours of work, the contact surface between the hammer bit and the drill bit should be changed to use the two contact surfaces of the drill bit. When the direction of the bit changes, the contact surface of the bit should be placed on the side of the bit.

2. Steel drill. A pointed steel rod, usually drilled into soft rock with a breaking hammer, to blast the explosive charge of the rock; it is also commonly used to pry the rock. If the drill bit is worn, the drill bit will easily slip. In this case, the drill bit end needs to be sharpened. Repeated grinding will reduce the hardness of the drill bit end. If the distance between the drill bit and the guide sleeve is too large, the piston cannot hit the steel accurately.

3. The front cover, stop pin, rubber screw plug, hydraulic seal, bracket side bolt, hydraulic hose, etc. are all easily damaged hammer accessories. Every excavator should be equipped with these components in case of emergency. In addition, hydraulic seals are replaced every 600 hours in actual work. If there is oil leakage, it indicates that the low-pressure oil seal is damaged. Please ask a professional to replace it. In the work of the breaker, the normal operation of the equipment must be guaranteed to avoid some safety accidents.

The breaker must always be vertical to the ground, which is very important. This rule must be followed when using the equipment, so that the hardness of the material can be tested correctly. When the breaker is correctly aligned, it will choose the better frequency, and the material combination at that time can achieve greater performance.


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