How to deal with the continuity deterioration of the breaker?


The large-scale breaker adopts hydraulic power unit, which plays the role of impact, hammering and stone breaking. Due to a series of advantages such as wide adaptability and high work efficiency, the breaker is widely used in mining, metallurgy, transportation, railway, tunnel and other industries. However, due to the characteristics of the breaker itself, some minor faults such as poor impact continuity will always occur during use. This is a common fault in the actual operation and use of the hydraulic breaker. The occurrence of this fault will seriously affect the working performance and safety of the breaker.

There are three main situations of poor continuity of hydraulic breakers:

1. The oil circuit of the breaker is blocked, causing the oil circuit to have no problems such as high pressure oil and poor continuity;

2. The failure of the hydraulic circuit of the breaker leads to problems such as incorrect pipe connection, insufficient pressure value, wrong direction of the reversing valve, stuck piston, failure of the stop valve, etc., resulting in insufficient impact force or stagnant impact;

3. Abstract The jam of the drill bit rod of the large-scale breaker affects its continuity and periodicity, and causes functional and stability problems.

Now that you know the reason for the lack of continuity, here is how to deal with it.

1. If the continuity of the hydraulic breaker is poor, check the oil circuit of the breaker immediately, and clean or replace the blocked part in time.

2. Check the oil supply system of the hydraulic breaker, focusing on the oil pipe interface, reversing valve, stop valve, and piston direction;

3. Check and adjust the condition of the drill bit of the hydraulic breaker, and grind the drill bit or stone for the drill bit.

The above content is to sort out the reasons and solutions for the continuity gap for everyone. I hope that everyone will do a good job in the use and daily maintenance of the breaker while working on the large-scale breaker.


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