Precautions and classification when buying broken hammer drill rods


When buying drill rods, many people blindly pursue the length and sharpness of the drill rods. But as the saying goes, the length and sharpness are not a good thing, so how to choose a hammer drill rod? The following editor will briefly talk about the precautions and classification of the hammer drill rod when buying.

1. The thickness and length of the tail (determine whether the breaking hammer pulls the cylinder, the impact force, and the frequency of the broken oil pipe);

2. The thickness of the flat needle (whether the flat needle is broken);

3. The length from the dead point of the flat pin groove of the hammer drill rod to the top of the tail (determines the impact force, the flat pin is easy to break, and the lower body is easy to break);

4. The length is subject to the stone, not exceeding the length of the factory. It is recommended that the stone is very hard and not easy to open, the shorter the better, so as to reduce rebound and not easy to pull the cylinder;

5. It is wrong to cut off the top of the hammer drill bit and use it again. The tail bit also has life.


1. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into two categories: handheld and airborne;

2. According to the working principle, it can be divided into three categories: nitrogen explosion type, liquid-gas combined type and full hydraulic type;

3. According to the structure of the distribution valve, it can be divided into two types: built-in valve type and external valve type;

4. According to the feedback mode, it can be divided into pressure feedback type and stroke feedback type;

5. According to the noise level, it can be divided into low noise type and standard type;

6. According to the shell form, it can be divided into triangle and tower;

7. According to the shell structure, it can be divided into splint type and box frame type.

When selecting the type, pay attention to the matching degree of the hammer drill rod and the excavator. For the excavator user, the main consideration is the matching of weight, and of course the power matching must be verified. For other load-bearing machinery, power matching and weight matching are equally important. It is also very reliable to choose hydraulic hammers according to the experience of other users.


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