Correct use method of breaker


  HammerIt is a kind of equipment used in conjunction with excavators. Its appearance greatly liberates manpower, improves work efficiency, improves construction safety, and saves construction costs. It is a very important auxiliary construction tool. Although there are many people who use it, it is rare that it can be used correctly. As a more sophisticated instrument, the correct use method can not only make the construction process more smoothly, but also increase the service life of the equipment. Below, the editor will introduce you to the correct use of the breaker, I hope it can help you.

1. The breaker needs to match the bracket. This equipment is used in conjunction with excavators, but not any excavator. It is necessary to select an excavator with the correct weight class and the correct flow and hydraulic pressure. If the bracket is small or the hydraulic power is too small, the performance of the circuit breaker will decrease, which will lead to increased heat and wear of the breaker.

2. The tip of the knife needs to be perpendicular to the damaged material (90 degrees).

3. Avoid air shooting. Some breakers can be set to automatically perform operations. In order to avoid air shots, the tip of the equipment needs to be in contact with the surface, and the top needs to have downward force. If using an excavator, the front part of the track needs to be slightly off the ground.

4. Stay at one point for no more than 15 seconds. If the material that needs to be broken is still not broken after 15 seconds, do not keep the equipment on the material, you can restart the broken operation.

5. Do not pry the breaker. After the material is broken, use another accessory (a bucket with teeth, a bucket with a thumb, or a grab bucket) to remove it. Do not pry hard, which may cause damage to the equipment.

6. Do not put down the circuit breaker. When the equipment is not in use temporarily, let it lean on a jersey or similar support and keep it upright as much as possible to avoid deformation of the heat seal due to the excessive weight of the breaker.

7. Carry out daily inspections.


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