How to fill the hydraulic breaker of the pile driver with nitrogen?


The working pressure of the energy saver will be slightly different according to the specifications of the hammer and the external weather conditions. The more nitrogen is added, the greater the pressure of the energy saving device. So how toPile driver hydraulic breakerWhat about adding nitrogen?

Once the amount of nitrogen is insufficient, the kinetic energy generated after compression will also be weakened, and the breaker cannot hit. If too much nitrogen is added, the pressure in the accumulator is too high and the hydraulic oil pressure is insufficient, pushing the upstream of the cylinder rod to compress the nitrogen, the accumulator cannot store energy and the breaker cannot work. Therefore, the addition of nitrogen more or less will cause the breaker to not work properly. When adding nitrogen, a pressure gauge must be used to measure the pressure, so that the pressure of the accumulator is controlled within the normal range, and fine-tuned according to the actual operating conditions. This can protect parts and improve work efficiency.

After the nitrogen loading instrument is turned on, test the nitrogen first, and install the screws before testing the nitrogen, otherwise the nitrogen will all shine. If the hydraulic breaker of the pile driver needs to be stopped for a long time, the nitrogen gas should be discharged and the oil inlet and outlet should be sealed.

In the transmission of the hydraulic breaker of the pile driver, due to the different working principle and structure of the power machine (the power machine is nothing more than the electric motor, the internal combustion engine and the steam turbine), its performance is also very different. Some run smoothly, and some have shocks during operation. The transmission system has different degrees of influence. The different mechanical characteristics of the power machine will have a certain impact on the entire transmission system. For different types of power machines, due to their different characteristics, the corresponding power machine coefficients should be selected to match, and the suitable couplings should be selected. The type of power machines is to choose the type of coupling. Basic factors.

The development of hydraulic breakers for pile drivers plays an important role in the development of my country's construction machinery industry, so it is particularly important to choose good breaker accessories.


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