The breaker manufacturer tells you the reason to warm up before using the breaker


The equipment use management specification requires the operator to preheat the heating machine before the breaker is formally broken, especially in winter construction, this link is particularly important. However, many construction workers think that this step is not only complicated, but also a waste of time, and the equipment can be used normally without this mitigation, but the result of this often leads to serious losses or even failure of the breaker machine tool. the followingBreaker manufacturersLet me explain to you the necessity of preheating the machine before using the breaker.

The striking force and frequency of the breaking hammer are very fast, which makes the breaking hammer more prone to wear of the sealing components than other hammer equipment. The preheating machine will heat all parts of the body slowly and evenly to the normal working temperature, which can greatly reduce the wear of the oil seal.

The breaker manufacturer believes that the breaker warm-up is to allow the wet hydraulic oil to wash the relatively reliable hydraulic oil film, and establish a new hydraulic oil film to support the opening of the oil seal to ensure that the piston and oil seal will not be strained in the early stage.

When the breaker starts to work, the machine is cold. If hot oil is suddenly added, many oil seals will be damaged. After all, everyone understands the principles of thermal expansion and cold contraction. Coupled with the fast frequency movement of the equipment, it is easy to appear. The phenomenon of oil leakage and frequent oil seal replacement, so the warm-up work before using the breaker is very important.

Warm-up procedure: lift the breaker vertically off the ground, step on the pedal valve about 1/3, the main water inlet pipe (the pipe near the bridge side) slightly vibrates, and keep pedaling for about 20-40 minutes.

The above is the reason why the breaker must be warmed up before use, as summarized by the breaker manufacturer. Do you know all this knowledge?


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