What safety technical measures should be paid attention to during the hammer head construction of the guardrail pile driver?


What safety technical measures should be paid attention to during the hammer head construction of the guardrail pile driver?

1. Before piling, check the existing buildings and underground pipelines in the adjacent construction area. The affected projects should take effective reinforcement measures or vibration isolation measures to ensure construction safety.

2. When the machine enters the site, pay attention to the dangers of the bridge deck, steep slopes, and subsidence, and prevent hitting poles, houses, etc., to avoid accidents.

3. The digging road must be smooth and solid, and pavement slag must be paved and compacted with a roller. Ditching should be dug around the site to ensure the safe movement of the pile driver.

4. The machine should be thoroughly inspected before construction, and problems should be solved in time. After the machine is checked, it should be tested. Surgery with disease is not allowed. The operation of the machine must meet the requirements of safe technical operation and be operated by a dedicated person. Strengthen the maintenance of machinery to ensure the normal use of machinery equipment and parts.

5. After the hoisting is in place, the hoisting should be carried out slowly and the slip line should be pulled to prevent the pile head from impacting the pile frame and damaging the pile body. Strengthen inspections, find unsafe conditions, and deal with them in time.

6. When swelling or sinking occurs during piling, the frame and rail should be leveled or cushioned at any time.

7. The mechanical driver should concentrate on construction work, obey the command signal, never leave the post, and always pay attention to the mechanical operation. Any abnormality should be corrected in time. Prevent accidents such as machine tilting, tipping, pile hammer not working, and sudden falling.

8. In the process of piling, it is strictly prohibited to modify the pile head cushion manually. Before hammering the pile top, do not start hammering or braking too early to avoid damage to the pile driving equipment.

9. The bored pile must be sealed with a cover plate before concrete is poured. After the steel pipe piles are driven in, temporary pile caps must be built in time. After the precast concrete piles are put into the soil, the pile holes must be filled with sand or other materials in time to avoid personal accidents.

10. When operating the punching cone or punching hammer, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to enter the construction area of ​​the drop hammer area to avoid injury.


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