Understand the adjustment of the blow frequency of large breakers


  Large breakerIt is an important working tool for excavators. It can break rocks more effectively and speed up construction progress. It is widely used in the construction of mines, such as mountain opening, bridge demolition, broken pavement, road repair, broken rock, etc. It is mainly composed of drills, piston rod breakers, reversing valves, oil cylinders, accumulators, oil seal components, etc. Among these components, the kinetic energy of the hydraulic oil inlet under the joint action of the battery is + the fuel cylinder rod upstream compression nitrogen chamber , After the switching direction of the reversing valve is pushed to the apex, the kinetic energy of the hydraulic oil + the kinetic energy of nitrogen compression pushes the drill rod downward and quickly impacts the cylinder rod to break work.

The frequency of reciprocating motion is closely related to the efficiency of strikes. Common hammering frequency errors include low frequency, no strike, weak strike frequency, and intermittent strikes. Therefore, it is important for us to understand what factors are related to the frequency adjustment of the breaker and how to adjust the frequency.

Generally, there is no impact in piston motion, no impact when high-pressure oil flows into the breaker, and piston jamming is a factor that affects the impact frequency. By adjusting the operation of abnormal parts, the original strike frequency can be restored.

Under normal circumstances, the hammering frequency can be adjusted by changing the piston stroke or power supply, and at the same time, the working pressure and hydraulic fluid volume of the large breaker can be kept constant.

There is an adjusting screw on the upper part of the large breaker or one side of the cylinder. In order to adjust the hammering frequency, use the wrench to unload the adjuster before unloading the adjusting screw. The front nut rotates the adjusting screw. The screw results get the expected frequency.


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