Does oil pressure have a big impact on the breaker?


The breaker is an auxiliary equipment on many construction machinery and equipment. Nowadays, many projects have more and more requirements for modern machinery and equipment. The breaker needs suitable oil pressure to work normally. I think many friends understand this. However, how much oil pressure should be suitable, and what are the interferences of oil pressure to the breaker?

The oil pressure detection is based on the main parameters of the established pressure, and the oil pressure gauge that exceeds the established pressure is installed in the corresponding part. For the new excavator equipped with a breaker, it is usually between 200-220, and for the old excavator, it is usually above 230. .

If the oil pressure is too high during the specific application process, the load on the breaker may also increase, and as the temperature increases, the pressure of hydraulic oil transmission will be insufficient if the temperature is too high. This will lead to the abnormal operation of the machinery and equipment. If it is not handled for a long time, it will destroy the accumulator of the breaker, causing steam leakage and oil leakage. If we find that the temperature rises too high during the use process In this case, you should consider updating the oil passage cooler of the equipment, or install an auxiliary cooler to maintain your purpose, and it is also important to clear the oil passage filter immediately.

The primary factors that reduce the working frequency of the breaker are the pressure or flow transmission of the hydraulic system, the loosening of the brazing rod, the damage to the hydraulic seal, the contamination of the hydraulic grease, the failure of the safety valve, etc. Solution: Check the hydraulic breaker oil pump, adjust the oil pressure and The flow rate is too high or too low to maintain the adjustment of the hammer head; check the oil passage of the hydraulic breaker to prevent the pipeline from being blocked and interfere with the impact frequency of the hydraulic breaker; update the damaged components.


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