How to maintain the hydraulic pump of the breaker?


  HammerThe working method is to carry out a reciprocating and rapid impact operation in the hydraulic system, and the oil return speed of this type of large-scale equipment is faster and the temperature is relatively large, which will also accelerate the aging rate of the hydraulic pump, so it needs a reasonable To carry out maintenance of the breaker and its hydraulic pump and other components, let's take a look at the common methods:

1. The use of high-quality breakers, including accumulators, and fake breakers is easy to cause problems in the process of formulation, manufacturing, and testing. The equipment failure rate in application is high, and it is more likely to cause damage to the excavator.

2. The hydraulic system is heated before the breaker is used. When the breaker is placed, the hydraulic oil at the upper end will flow to the bottom. After the oil film of the cylinder is formed, use the medium accelerator pedal to carry out actual operation, which can maintain the hydraulic system of the excavator.

3. Empty hitting will not only cause the temperature increase, but also cause abnormal vibration to cause impurities to enter the breaker, so empty hitting is strictly prohibited.

4. Try to fill the lubricating grease when the steel brazing is straight, and add it every 2 hours. If the lubricating grease is filled with the steel brazing in the air, the grease will enter the pressure room, and the pressure will be in the room when the pressure is pressed. The formation of abnormal high pressure oil will enter the hydraulic system and destroy the hydraulic pump.

5. When storing the breaker for a long time, the steel rod should be removed first, and the nitrogen in the upper cylinder should be pushed to the top when it is discharged, so as to prevent it from exposing a part of the rust or pulling to damage the main pump.

6. Because the environmental pollution of hydraulic oil is one of the primary factors that cause common failures of hydraulic pumps, the environmental pollution of hydraulic oil should be determined on time. The lack of hydraulic oil will cause cavitation and cause common failures of hydraulic pumps. Body contusion, etc., check the oil level before daily use.


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