Breaker performance inspection information


  HammerThe performance inspection is to carry out inspection and analysis of the drill rod diameter, the net weight of the movement, the net weight of the entire equipment, pressure, working flow and other projects for the breaker inspection. And produce a strict and fair inspection report. The breaker inspection project also includes: pressure inspection, load inspection, Index inspection, characteristic inspection, etc.

Concentrator testing technology for checking the actual ore volume in the crushing chamber of the breaker. The load of the breaker affects the particle size distribution and energy consumption of the crushing equipment, and also affects the normal operation of the breaker. Therefore, the load of the breaker should be checked immediately. .

In the case of 2-stage crushing, usually only the load of each breaker at the end of the particle size distribution of the control equipment is checked. This breaker is usually in a closed-circuit system, and its feed volume includes the amount from the previous crushing stage and the cyclic load. . There are the following ways to check the load of each breaker at the end.

1. Check the current value in the motor circuit of the breaker;

2. Obtained by calculating the cyclic load of the crushing and screening closed-circuit system;

3. Immediately use the contact level gauge to indicate the material level in the crushing chamber, that is, to know its load.

For the detection of impact performance and impact times, the detection methods often used in countries around the world at this stage include internal stress wave method, non-contact photoelectric displacement differential method, electromagnetic induction linear velocity sensor method, contact method, and contact capacitive sensor method. , Piston end reflection light measurement method, high-speed photography method, dynamometer diagram method and energy method.


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